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Why use Patentweb?

If your invention is worth protecting then its worth protecting properly. The services of a patent attorney qualified in both as an engineer and an attorney are indispensable when you need protection for your invention.

The United States Patent Office, the South African Patent Office, the European Patent Office, as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization all recommend that the services of a qualified patent attorney be employed for the drafting of patent specifications.

Most patent attorney firms are set up to service the large corporate client and do not understand the needs of the individual inventor and the small and medium company. These clients usually do not have the manpower or resources to prepare detailed instructions to their patent attorney and prefer to deal with a patent attorney who understands their specific needs and who can assist them through the process of obtaining patent protection with straight forward advice which makes commercial sense.

At Patentweb we understand your needs and provide a cost effective patent specification drafting and patent application filing service over the internet. The ability to receive instructions and conduct correspondence exclusively by e-mail leads to a reduction in costs while convenience is maximized as we are available on line at all times, even outside office hours.

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